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As dentists, it is our goal to help all of our patients promote good dental health. While our main concerns are always to make sure that our patients’ teeth and gums are healthy, we also understand how for many people, going to the dentist can also be about addressing other concerns with your smile. Cosmetic dental services can help improve the aesthetics of your smile by addressing issues with staining, crooked teeth, or mishappen teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dental services include veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding, and more to help improve the appearance of your smile. If you have concerns about how your smile looks or are interested in learning how cosmetic dental services can be combined with other dental procedures to help promote a healthier smile, please contact our team. Our team can help go over our procedures as well as our current schedule and availability. Otherwise, you can read on to learn more about cosmetic dental services.

What are some of the Cosmetic Services that you offer?

Teeth Whitening

When it comes to cosmetic dental services, one of the most popular treatments is teeth whitening. There are a few different options out there for whitening. From tubes of toothpaste on shelves in supermarkets to at-home whitening kits, to in-office whitening, there are a few options to choose from. Most dentists will recommend in-office teeth whitening for a few key reasons. In-office whitening often uses better whitening products than what is sold over the counter. These products lead to multiple shades of whiter teeth and usually take effect faster. Moreover, you do not have to worry about administering the whitening kit yourself and accidentally having an uneven or non-symmetrical whitening experience. 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are synthetic covers that can be attached to the front of teeth. They are used to help make your teeth look uniform. This can include covering stained teeth as well as teeth with other cosmetic issues including their shape/size or if they have chips/cracks. Dental veneers are a safe way to improve the look of your teeth.

Dental Bonding 

Dental bonding is the process of adding tooth-colored materials like resin to the surface of a tooth to reshape it. This is often done to conceal cosmetic chips or cracks or reshape the teeth in general. It is similar to how a tooth-colored filling works. With a filling, the decayed section of a tooth is removed, and a tooth-colored material is used to fill the indent or hole. With dental bonding similar materials are used to reshape a tooth.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a catch-all term that basically describes the process of creating personalized or individualized treatment plans. Smile makeovers might combine cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. For example, a patient might receive a dental implant or dental crown as well as reshaping, whitening, and other dental services.

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