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When it comes to all forms of healthcare, preventative care is preferred over having to address issues down the line. This is especially true when it comes to dental health. Our teeth are not great at signaling us when things are starting to go wrong. Decay and gum disease can form and grow unnoticed and do irrevocable damage without us noticing. That is why it is recommended that everyone see a dentist twice every single year.

Our office in Lawrence Massachusetts provides bi-annual dental exams, x-rays, cleanings, and other preventative care treatments. If you are looking for a friendly, modern dentist in the area, we would be happy to go over our availability, procedures, and other practice information with you. Give us a call to get started!

Preventative Care Q & A

What is preventive care?

A routine dental visit usually includes a few different treatments and procedures. First and foremost, a dental hygienist will provide a full cleaning which will include brushing and flossing your teeth. They might provide some initial feedback on your oral health as well as some pointers and tips on how to better manage your oral health at home. Later during your visit, you will be examined by a dentist who will look for any signs of cavities, dental decay, or gum disease. If needed, a second appointment might be recommended to address these concerns.

There are also a variety of other treatments and procedures that happen during these visits depending on your situation. For example, many patients receive yearly dental X-rays to provide additional insights for dentists. Fluoride treatments or dental sealants might also be recommended and performed to provide enhanced protection from dental decay.

Is It Possible To Reverse A Cavity?

At some point in your life, you may have had a dentist who has said that a cavity can be reversed instead of filled. This is based on how we define a cavity. Simply put, if tooth decay has eroded a tooth to a point where the decay has passed the enamel layer (outermost layer) and is damaging the dentin, you will need a filling. The decay part of the tooth will need to be removed and the divet will need to be filled. But sometimes the early signs of decay can be caught before the dentin is impacted by dental decay and bacteria. A dentist might recommend fluoride toothpaste and for the patient to make sure they are taking extra steps to stop the decay before it causes a cavity.

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