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The one word no one wants to hear while they are sitting in a dental chair is “cavity”. Unfortunately, dental cavities are very common. They have many different causes from diet and oral health practices, to genetics and even geometry of our teeth. Here at Pemberton Dental Associates, we provide tooth-colored dental fillings that can help save your teeth and be virtually invisible when you smile.

Dental Fillings Q & A

What causes dental cavities?

There are actually many different factors that influence our dental health. Some of them are very much in our control, while others can be a bit more luck of the draw. First and foremost, the three best things you can do to promote dental health are to take care of your teeth and gums daily, eat/drink the right things, and of course see a dentist. Every dental issue is an issue that grows and worsens over time. A quick dental visit every six months ensures that problems don’t progress and are treated as they arise.

There are some other lifestyle factors to consider when it comes to your oral health. For example, tobacco products (whether smoking or chewing) can lead to dental decay and gum disease. Foods and beverages that are high in sugar and acidity also weaken our teeth and promote the growth of bacteria.

There are some genetic elements as well. The shape of our teeth can be influenced by our genetics and can make it easier for dental decay to spread. Some people are more susceptible to dental decay than others.

What Should I Do If A Filling Feels Loose

A filling does not make your tooth invulnerable to damage. In fact, at the point where the filling meets the tooth, there might be a crevice where bacteria can grow and create a new cavity. This can lead to a filling getting loose or even falling out. In those cases, you will need the filling replaced as soon as possible. A lost filling can be a dental emergency. The remaining tooth is extremely vulnerable to infection or even breaking under pressure. If you notice that a filling is loose or it feels off, call a dentist right away.

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