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Root canal procedures can help save teeth where decay has spread deep into a tooth’s root. Decades ago, when decay spread this deeply into a tooth the only option was dental extractions. But thanks to the root canal procedure is possible to remove the decay and fill the tooth root. Root canals have also come a long way since their inception. Over the decades dentists have made advancements to make root canal treatments more comfortable for patients.
Root Canal Q & A

What are Root Canals?

A root canal procedure is slightly similar to how fillings work. With a filling, the decayed and damaged section of a tooth is drilled away, and the divet or hole is filled with a tooth-colored material to help preserve the structure and shape of the tooth. With a root canal, the infection is within the root of the tooth which is beneath the gumline. In order to fix this a small portion of the top of the tooth is removed so a device can go into the tooth and clear the infection before the root is filled. Frequently a dental crown will be installed to replace the chewing surface of a tooth, although this isn’t always the case.

What are the signs that I need root canal therapy?

One of the unfortunate things about our teeth is that the nerves are pretty deep. Dental decay can form and spread without us really noticing it. That is why all dentists recommend routine cleanings, check-ups, and x-rays to help ensure that dental issues are found and addressed early instead of later on. A root canal is necessary when tooth decay spreads deep into a tooth’s root. There are some symptoms associated with this level of dental decay. Most notably toothaches that are severe, persistent, or throbbing. Another common symptom is pain when biting down on a specific tooth. Again, it is much better to learn about issues early on via an x-ray or exam so that the problems can be handled before they progress.

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